Feed grass to cow and get more virtue

There was a very poor man in virat country. He don’t had single coin on his father’s death anniversary; So he was very sad because he could not be able to do shraadh for his father. With this thought, his eyes started flowing with tears He went to a saint’s hermitage and said- “O Maharshi! Today is my father’s death anniversary. But I don’t have a single coin to do shraadh for my father. So, Tell me what should I do for my father’s gratification.”
The Saint said-“Do not panic, bring green-green grass for the purpose of the ancestors and feed the cows. This will give you more results than pind-donation. "
He became happy to hear this. He returned back to his home. He cut green grass and feed that grass to cows’. His father get gratification with the effect of this virtue and that man also achieve devlok after death.